Fast and efficient data storage

For a fast website, effecient and fast data storage is crucial. That is why Webanizr uses the best fitting database solution for every form of data. In addition, we keep all data structured as efficiently as possible.

The right software

There is not one ultimate database solution. Every solution has its pros and cons. That is why Webanizr uses a lot of different solutions. Some are optimized for structuring data, others for fast loading and others for fast retrieval of data. But you do not have to worry about that. The choices for the right software are made automatically at Webanizr.


Because (almost) everything within Webanizr is configurable, it havely depends on database solutions. Finding and structuring data takes time. Time that we want to minimize and thus keep the loading time as low as possible. That is why most of the data is cached. Is the same data retrieved twice? Then the answer to the first question is immediately given in the second question. As a result, a fully configurable system remains fast.


Many of the data that you can request yourself is via datanames. By keeping the way in which data is requested data generic, we can optimize it. Regardless in what kind of system its stored. In this way you do not have to take account of the most efficient way of retrieving data, we do this for you.

Continuous optimization

As the website is used longer, the data becomes more and more polluted. That is why optimization is regularly performed to ensure that the data that is no longer needed is also cleaned up. This keeps the system clean and fast.

Contact us

Questions on how Webanizr can improve your projects? Give us a description of your current situation or future plans and we will send you a detailled plan of how Webanizr solves your current or future problems.

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