Endless scalable and hyper fast website hosting

Webanizr offers an platform on which your website scales as the number of visitors increase. Without a limit. Without warning or hosting agreements. It just works, for every website on Webanizr.

And the most attractive part: your website remains hyperfast. Whether you have 4 visitors or 400.000. 

It is time to scale up

You might be growing and doubling your visitors each few months. You might have a website on which the number of visitors vary highly each day. In both cases you need hosting matching the peaks you get in visitors.

No limits, no warning required

There are no limits on how small or how big your website is. You can run every website on Webanizr. As soon as your website grows or gets a peak in visitors its scaled up. Automaticly, so you don't need to warn us. And once the peek is over, it automaticly scales down.


To serve your customers and to get a high ranking in Google you will need a fist website. Allways and anywhere. This is exactly what Webanizr offers. We use various techniques to continues speed up the websites run on Webanizr. And we make sure there are always resources ready to server your next page as fast as we can.

Pay as you use

Hyperfast, limitless scaling hosting sounds expensive. But it isn't. You pay per page served, not for a server or monthly hosting. This may be a little bit more expasive at peak moments, but saves you enormously in the quite moments!

Contact us

Questions on how Webanizr can improve your projects? Give us a description of your current situation or future plans and we will send you a detailled plan of how Webanizr solves your current or future problems.

Scalability and fast hosting is a core feature of Content Power